A top notch DC Charger, the HUBE is designed by Plugit in Finland. Hube is for you when you demand best reliability and more power packaged in a robust and durable frame. Can be branded.

We build green corridors between our customers and their customers. The charging network is constantly expanding. Welcome aboard.

Charging solutions that cover business needs throughout the entire life cycle.

Not just chargers connected to the power grid, but a whole solution designed from start to finish that supports your entire responsible business – profitably.

New innovation – Plugit PRO BRIDGE

The BRIDGE solution designed for electric snowmobiles keeps the entire rental fleet constantly charged and ready for your customers.

The entire drive-through charging station can be installed quickly and easily without the need for solid concrete foundations.


Scandinavian Style Heavy-Duty EV Charging Stations – Design by Plugit.

We started to build charging infrastructure for Finnish Heavy-Duty & Logistics in 2021. In 2023 we have expanded to Sweden. The PRO DC Station is always a custom solution for Taxi’s, Delivery vans, Trucks and other pro vehicles: City depots, Night depots, Pitstops.. you name it.

Work with us. We  are always looking for new talent.

Engineers, project managers, sales specialists, technicians.. We need you all. What would be your role?? Give us a call!

Code of Conduct for Partners

Code of Conduct for Partners | Our success is built on principle of integrity and ethical practises, as outlined in Code of Conduct for Partners (PDF). It describes the ethical values and transparency standards guiding our employees as well as our partners and customers on our overall mission.


We commit to net zero goal and have adopted science based carbon reduction targets. Plugit is working in close collaboration with DIF Capital Partners for climate change and making sure our operations are aligned with Paris Agreement and science-based Net zero target. We are committed to ambitious ESG work with guidance of DIF.

We play our part in the fight against climate change and support the achievement of national emission targets. We help our customers to switch to zero-emission green mobility and encourage our partners to reduce their emissions. The shared global goal can only be achieved if all companies, cities, countries and people on the planet reduce their carbon emissions.

We encourage all Plugit employees, partners and customers to join us on our journey towards zero emissions – everyone’s input and active participation is needed to systematically make better greener choices to avoid global warming and its catastrophic consequences for humanity and the planet.