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From Top Quality DC Chargers to Your Own Charging Points to Public Pro Charging Network

Multipurpose charging stations in critically chosen locations

Truck Pitstop on the Road

Long-distance transport with electric trucks requires efficient quick stops along the way. Pit stops bring power chargers along the route. Typical locations are the main thoroughfares of the TEN-T network, intersections and the yard areas of the participating companies

Multipurpose Depot

Multi-purpose PRO DC stations can be located in urban areas or city centers with the aim of facilitating the charging of professional EV’s like taxis, delivery vans and long trucks passing through.

City Depot

City depots with heavy traffic are typically located in urban areas near cities where 3rd party services are nearby. It’s easy to stay overnight and charge trucks at City Depot.

The Hube is in the heart of the Plugit PRO DC Station

Small 360 kW

360 kW Charger is actually not very small. You can charge your truck in few hours and keep on moving.

Large 720 kW

Medium sized 720 kW Hube can be upscaled to monstruous 1,5 megaWatt charger. These can soon be seen on our new PRO DC Stations.

Optional Energy Storage

One of the hottest topics have been our optional energy storage batteries. They are powered by Swedish Northvolt

The largest high-capacity charging bay for taxis in the Nordic countries opened at Helsinki Airport

The charging area for the forty high-capacity charging stations at Helsinki Airport has been opened. The charging area, built in cooperation between Plugit and Finavia, the airport company, is intended for use by electric taxis. The total capacity of the charging area is considerable, around four megawatts, which gives the charger at least 90 kW of charging power, even if all charging points are in use at the same time. The PRO DC charging bay is implemented with Plugit HUBE large-scale charging equipment, specially designed for implementations requiring reliability and power